About our Itf

Established in 2024 by Master Divine and Master Dutton, ITF GB, grounded in the teachings of General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do, seeks to bring together practitioners from around the globe under a shared vision of martial arts excellence. ITF GB's mission is multifaceted, aimed not only at uniting Taekwon-Do enthusiasts but also at elevating the practice to new heights through rigorous black belt certification processes, advanced seminars led by renowned masters, and skill-enhancing courses designed to refine both the physical and philosophical aspects of the discipline.

We aim to take Itf to the next level

Beyond its educational initiatives, ITF GB is committed to the organization and hosting of inclusive, high-level tournaments and events. These gatherings are more than mere competitions; they are celebrations of Taekwon-Do's rich heritage and its vibrant future. By fostering a sense of community and striving for excellence, ITF GB creates an environment where practitioners can test their skills, share knowledge, and form lasting bonds with fellow martial artists.

THE core values we believe in

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High Standards

All our competitions will strive to maintain high standards, both in competitors and judging.

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Our members will always come first, and we put the Taekwon-Do family at the heart of what we do.

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Anyone, regardless of affiliation is welcome to join us.

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ITF GB strives to push Taekwon-Do to the masses.